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Musical Postcards is a music program that enables children and audiences worldwide to connect through music.
Musical Postcards inspires young people to see their dreams for the future and cultivates skills in the field of imagination and creativity.
It lets young people voice their dreams in compositions.

We live in a world that is changing faster than ever and face unprecedented challenges.
The more complex the world becomes, the more creative we have to deal with those challenges. All children are born artists. We believe that man can find creative solutions to the challenges we face as humanity. Making music together teaches youngsters to listen to each other and to take each other into account. It stimulates the development of social and emotional skills.
Click here to look at some of our Postcards.

Musical Postcards is developed by noted composer (and former Associate Principal Bass New York Philharmonic) Jon Deak and Dutch composer and music designer. Merlijn Twaalfhoven. Twaalfhoven designs new connections between the art and global challenges. The Musical Postcard organization has got a wide network of teaching artists. All of whom are professional composers and musicians.
In our workshops, students make every compositional decision and write every note, with teaching artists serving as mentors and scribes.

In a creative process we train all those involved in essential 21st century skills: listening to the other person, cooperation, creativity, innovation. The beauty of Musical Postcards is that children become aware that they are part of a bigger world, full of differences and similarities, and that what they say and create is being heard and is given a place.

Are you a musician, working at an orchestra, ensemble or other musical organization and would you like to become an ambassador for the Musical Postcards? Do you have a venue for music and can you bring the project to a school near you?
Do you work with children that have a story the world should hear?
Please contact us through info[at]