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Musical Postcards is a music program that enables children and audiences worldwide to connect through music. By communicating through music, children not only connect with one another, but they also make a radical impact on classical music, The Musical Postcards, composed by children from all corners of the world, are arranged into a short concert format presented alongside a regular concert performance by the best musicians of the world. It empowers children in their creative development and shows them that their work reaches live audiences across the worlds best stages. Click here to look at some of our Postcards.

Our aim is to make as many connections as possible and to use our website and social media channels as an open source system where music organizations get inspired and get started with their own Musical Postcards in their city or region. Therefore we are continuously looking for new orchestra partners, musicians and soloists who want to integrate Musical Postcards in their regular concert performances.

The New York Philharmonic is the first orchestra who has performed numerous Musical Postcards since 2005 by children from Japan, Finland, South Korea, Venezuela, China, England and Israel.
But we also went to the worlds more challenging places and recorded musical postcards in refugee camps in Jordan, Lebanon and Palestine.
This is just the beginning. We hope to spread personal testimonies of children across the world. We are building a structure of connections between the most challenging places and places of comfort, across cultures and continents.
The growing sense of interdependence in this world is a fact, and to emphasize this musically is perhaps an invisible step to an increase of human empathy at large, but it could be a real starting point to make positive impact on peoples lives.

Musical Postcards is a result of a very successful international program for young children called Very Young Composers. Composer, musician and educator Jon Deak who works at the New York Philharmonic developed this program and since 1995 he has introduced it in several cities in the United States (Vail, Denver, Minneapolis), and also in Shanghai, Tokyo, Caracas, Seoul, Northern Spain, London and Helsinki. Several Musical Postcards per year were sent to New York and performed ever since.
In 2014 Jon teamed up with Dutch composer Merlijn Twaalfhoven, who was wildly enthusiastic about developing the Musical Postcards to a next level. Merlijn wanted to make Musical Postcards a two-way communication between children and musicians around the world and to introduce this concept to his network in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Are you a musician, working at an orchestra, ensemble or other musical organization and would you like to become an ambassador for the Musical Postcards? Do you have a venue for music and can you bring the project to a school near you?
Do you work with children that have a story the world should hear?
Please contact manager Anke Spieringhs through anke[at]