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Wed 1 November 2017
Musical Postcards concert
AINSI Maastricht (NL) During this concert, the Musical Postcards made by students from the Sint-Maartenscollege will be performed by members of the Dutch Chamber Music Company. Collaborating Partner: philharmonie zuidnederland.
Thu 23 November 2017
Musical Postcards at Global Education Report (UNESCO)
Ministry of Education, Culture, and Sience, The Hague (NL) During the Dutch national reflection of the Global Education Report, Musical Postcards will perform a Musical Postcard with an educational context.
Ebeltoft ~ Maastricht Ebeltoft ~ Maastricht

Ebeltoft ~ Maastricht

Musical Postcards connected in 2016 young displaced musicians from the Middle East to students of the Sint Maartenscollege in Maastricht as part of a Hustinx Residency by composer Merlijn Twaalfhoven, called 'Ode to Dignity'. Within this musical residency Merlijn shows how creative music making brings dignity and hope for young people anywhere on this globe, whether that is in Maastricht or in war torn Homs. And that is what is needed in a transforming world; hope and dignity to bring out the best in people.

Ghiyath Hamada is 14 years old and comes from the city Homs. He and his mother fled to Egypt and took the boat to Europe. He currently lives in the town Ebeltoft in Denmark. The best thing his mother could do was to buy Ghiyath a cello, so he is able to make music again, like he did in Homs. He hopes to become a musician one day.

Ghiyath Hamada

“Music gives me comfort"
  • cello
  • Ghiyath Hamada

  • Fleeing for Dreams
  • composers
  • Nienke Alkemade, Bas Jennissen, Koen Gerritsen, Zoë Kuypers, Ianthe Henquet, Camiel Coenen, Zahra Seerden

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