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Wed 1 November 2017
Musical Postcards concert
AINSI Maastricht (NL) During this concert, the Musical Postcards made by students from the Sint-Maartenscollege will be performed by members of the Dutch Chamber Music Company. Collaborating Partner: philharmonie zuidnederland.
Thu 23 November 2017
Musical Postcards at Global Education Report (UNESCO)
Ministry of Education, Culture, and Sience, The Hague (NL) During the Dutch national reflection of the Global Education Report, Musical Postcards will perform a Musical Postcard with an educational context.
Leiden ~ Leiden

Leiden ~ Leiden

Musical Postcards has had the pleasure of hosting a Musical Postcards exchange within The Da Vinci College Lammenschans in Leiden, The Netherlands.
16-year old Ayman Hussein made a Musical Postcard about his homecountry, Syria. The tones he produces on his lute are moving as he plays his music with such concentration, respect and love for the music. Only being in The Netherlands for two years now, he's managed to speak the Dutch language quite well. For Ayman, music will always be part of his life, for it enables him to tell his story to others.

Some schoolmates of Ayman have answered his Musical Postcard. Omar, Hasan, Marcelo, Ahmed and Hassan encourage their friend Ayman to continiue with his music.
The boys composed a Musical Postcard in which they play together with The Stolz Quartet. During the rehearsal process, the boys were smiling the whole time. They composed a Musical Postcard for piano, electric bass guitar, beatbox, percussion and a oboe/string quartet: an origional orchestration! As they composed their own song The Stolz Quartet gradually added their instrumental part. Firstly, the strings tune in mildly, but then the oboe and strings start to contrast to the music. As the Quartet slowly added the elements to the music during the concert, the boys got more enthusiastic and they couldn't help but smile.

Ahmed Raafat

“We encourage you Ayman, continue!"
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  • Omar Fahham, Hasan Marrawi, Marcelo Pereira Canjangue, Ahmed Raafat, Hassan Surreim

    The Stolz Quartet

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    Da Vinci College Lammenschans