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Leiden ~ Nijmegen Leiden ~ Nijmegen

Leiden ~ Nijmegen

During the spring 2017, Musical Postcards connected youngsters on a national scale.
13-year old Kamila composed a short bassline and performed it herself. During the music classes on her school The da Vinci College (location Lammenschans) she runs around the class room and plays on all the different instruments present.

We’ve sent her Musical Postcard to The Karel de Grote College in Nijmegen. There, 16 year old Yaniv and Willem heard Kamila’s piece. They took her bassline and used it in their own composition for The Stolz Quartet. You can clearly hear Kamila’s melody in the composition of Willem and Yaniv. On top of that, they integrated a ‘tap on strings’ for the string-instruments, which they heard firstly during a workshop with The Stolz Quartet. The Quartet was impressed by the composition of Willem and Yaniv, the harmony and variations to Kamila’s melody sounds complex.

Kamila Yazami

“I've made a bass line because it interests me a lot."
  • electric bass guitar
  • Kamila Yazami

  • Untitled
  • composers
  • Willem Branten, Yaniv Dagan

    The Stolz Quartet.

    thanks to
    The Stolz Quartet
    Da Vinci College Leiden Lammenschans
    Karel de Grote College Nijmegen