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Thu 21 December 2017
Musical Postcards concert
Zeist (NL) During this concert, students of 'De Vrije Hogeschool' will present their Musical Postcards. Performing ensemble: The Stolz Quartet.
Wed 17 January 2018
Launch of Musical Postcards at Landgoed Zonheuvel
1pm: launch of Musical Postcards collaboration with Stichting SBI/Landgoed Zonheuvel
Lilongwe - Amsterdam

Lilongwe - Amsterdam

20 January 2016

14 year old Joseph Dyson tells he wants to encourage people with his song not get depressed about thinking of tomorrow. "What to wear, what to eat, what to desire? Only God knows". He made this song in prison and wants to continue his music after he finished his sentence. He surely inspired Tijmen van Tol, who is a Dutch student at the Conservatory in Amsterdam. He used the positive melody and the good feel of the song of Joseph to make his own one minute composition that he dedicated to Joseph. The Stolz Quartet made it come to live. Check it out.


“My vision is to further develop my musical skills. When I am released I will keep on doing music.”

What will I eat
  • composer/ singer
  • Joseph Dyson

  • For Joseph
  • composer
  • Tijmen van Tol

  • credits
    The Stolz Quartet
  • hobo/ althobo
  • Marieke Schut

  • trompet
  • Hendrik Jan Lindhout

  • percussion
  • Niels Meliefste

  • violin
  • Jellantsje de Vries

  • viola
  • Liesbeth Steffens

  • cello
  • Lidy Blijdorp

  • Thanks to
    Young in Prison