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Wed 1 November 2017
Musical Postcards concert
AINSI Maastricht (NL) During this concert, the Musical Postcards made by students from the Sint-Maartenscollege will be performed by members of the Dutch Chamber Music Company. Collaborating Partner: philharmonie zuidnederland.
Thu 23 November 2017
Musical Postcards at Global Education Report (UNESCO)
Ministry of Education, Culture, and Sience, The Hague (NL) During the Dutch national reflection of the Global Education Report, Musical Postcards will perform a Musical Postcard with an educational context.
Munich ~ Almere Munich ~ Almere

Munich ~ Almere

Eva is 23 years old and she is in Europe little more than a year. She currently lives in the city of Munich in Germany and she is learning the language. She works in the theatre.
In Syria, she used to have violin lessons of Amer Shanati. Eva says herself that she can’ t look at the violin nor touch it, as it hurts her heart too much. She now sings alone at night. One day she hopes to become an engineer and a singer.

Larissa and Melanie (14 and 15 years old, both from Almere, The Netherlands) received Eva’s Musical Postcard. They thought that Eva’s song sounded very hopeful. The two Dutch girls, both singers themselves, chose to compose a piece called ‘Leave Behind’ for The Stolz Quartet, and added a particular vocal part in it. The composition is about leaving your country when it’s unsafe, and has an empowering message: “Somewhere, closer then we know, there shines a star so bright it can light up the whole world.”

Eva Hammoud

“I hope this message of peace reaches everyone."

  • composed and performed by:
  • Eva Hammoud

  • Leave Behind
  • composed and performed by:
  • Larissa Admiraal & Melanie Messih

    The Stolz Quartet, Larissa Admiraal & Melanie Messih

    thanks to
    Amer Shanati