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Munich ~ Amsterdam Munich ~ Amsterdam

Munich ~ Amsterdam

Musical Postcards connected young displaced musicians to young musicians who are part of the Amsterdam Grachtenfestival (Canal Festival), a classical music festival that takes place every year in several venues in Amsterdam.

Ali Salayma (15) can not think of going back to Syria, He grew up during the war which left him a big trauma, as it has to so many. Currently he lives with his family in Munich and he hopes to become an electric engineer one day. He still has violin lessons; sometimes through skype from his former teacher Amer Shanati who resides now since three years in the Netherlands. The Ardemus Quartet picked up his Musical Postcard and were moved by the sadness they could hear in his music.

Ardemus Quartet

“We hope that with our composition "Comique" we can cheer Ali a bit up.”

  • violin
  • Ali Salayma

  • Comique
  • composer
  • Yo-Yo Su

  • soprano saxophone
  • Lisa Wyss

  • alt saxophone
  • Lovro Mercep

  • tenor saxophone
  • Jenita Veurink

  • bariton saxophone
  • Yo-Yo Su

  • thanks to
    Amer Shanati