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Thu 18 October 2018
Musical Postcards Workshop @ European Conference Sharing Arts & Heritage
Merlijn Twaalfhoven, initiator of Musical Postcards, will lead a Musical Postcards Workshop.
Mon 3 December 2018
Musical Postcards school concert Maastricht
concert of the Maastricht compositions by members of the South Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra.
New York City ~ Maastricht New York City ~ Maastricht

New York City ~ Maastricht

'They Who Hold the Signs' is a Musical Postcard that was composed by 13 year old Mondriana Villegas from Brooklyn, NY. She composed this piece within the Very Young Composers Program, lead by Musical Postcards Advocate Jon Deak. In this composition, she created an answer to the question: 'what does the world sound like, according to you?' She composed a piece in which one can hear many opinions. In her piece, she conveyed people who aren't afraid to speak out in order to spark a change. The piece was performed by Members of The Ney York Philharmonic.

Mondriana's Musical Postcard was sent to Maastricht, where students of The Sint-Maartenscollege composed the Musical Postcard 'Arid Sand,' inspired by Mondriana's piece. They've composed a piece that consists of two parts. In the first part, they try to create someone feels locked up, who cannot express his own ideas or feelings. In the second part they've conveyed someone who's liberated of his limitations. The piece was performed by Members of The South Netherlands Philharmonic.

Mondriana Villegas

“Who inspired me, are the people who aren't afraid to share their opinions for the greater good to spark a change."
They Who Hold the Signs
  • composed by:
  • Mondriana Villegas

  • performed by:
  • Members of The New York Philharmonic

  • Arid Sand
  • composed by:
  • Zahra, Lena, Jaimy, Eline and Petra
  • performed by:
  • Members of The South Netherlands Philharmonic

  • credits
    The New York Philharmonic and The South Netherlands Philharmonic

    thanks to
    The Sint-Maartenscollege, The South Netherlands Philharmonic,The New York Philharmonic and the supervisors of the Conservatory of Maastricht.