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Wed 1 November 2017
Musical Postcards concert
AINSI Maastricht (NL) During this concert, the Musical Postcards made by students from the Sint-Maartenscollege will be performed by members of the Dutch Chamber Music Company. Collaborating Partner: philharmonie zuidnederland.
Thu 23 November 2017
Musical Postcards at Global Education Report (UNESCO)
Ministry of Education, Culture, and Sience, The Hague (NL) During the Dutch national reflection of the Global Education Report, Musical Postcards will perform a Musical Postcard with an educational context.
Scheemda ~ Amsterdam Scheemda ~ Amsterdam

Scheemda ~ Amsterdam

Musical Postcards connected young displaced musicians to young musicians who are part of the Amsterdam Grachtenfestival (Canal Festival), a classical music festival that takes place every year in several venues in Amsterdam.

The sixteen year old Ali Najim came to the Netherlands two and a half years ago. He fled the war with his family from Homs and is now looking forward to continue his studies in the Netherlands. Therefor he wants to be the best in school to be able to become successful later in life. His Musical Postcard was received by piano duo Beth & Flo. They played their response for a live audience during the opening event of Grachtenfestival in Amsterdam on Friday 12 August. They hope to deliver their composition one day live to Ali near his hometown.

Ali Najim

“I consider music as a passport that can go through people's hearts and minds.”

  • keyboard
  • Ali Najim

  • Passport to Ali
  • composers
  • Beth & Flo

  • piano quatre mains
  • Elsbet Remijn, Claudette Verhulst

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