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Utrecht ~ Rotterdam

Utrecht ~ Rotterdam

Nawras Al Taky (22 years old) is a musician. He came to The Netherlands and brought the music from his culture with him. With his music, he wants to fade out borders, both physical and mental ones. In his composition ‘Trip,’ he sings about his old country being lost, how it has changed. That is not only a pity for him or the Syrian people, but to all mankind. In September 2018, he’ll start his music studies at the Conservatory!
Nawras’ Musical Postcard was sent to the contestants of the Dutch National Music Competition for Youth Orchestras. Among these 6 Youth Orchestras, there was the Euregio Youth Orchestra, in which youngsters of both The Netherlands and Belgian play music together.

Five young men have composed a Musical Postcard in return to Nawras’ piece. Their piece is called ‘Onomastique’ and is about refugees and how their migration can change their identity. Like all other experiences in life, migration can change who you are. Onomastique is about this process. The guys have put a number of compositional jokes in the piece. For instance, they’ve used the name of their conductor to make the first sequence you hear in wind section. Because of the unique sound of this composition, 'Onomastique' was the winning composition at the Dutch National Music Competition for Youth Orchestras.

NawrasAl Taky

“Every time I make music, it's about love."

  • composed and performed by:
  • Nawras AL Taky

  • Onomastique
  • composed by:
  • Jasper Charlet, Dries Lavreyssens, Michiel Mollen, Merlijn De Coorde, Joachim Jamaer
  • performed by:
  • The Euregio Youth Orchestra

  • credits
    Nawras Al Taky and the composers of The Euregio Youth Orchestra.

    thanks to
    The Dutch Music Competition for Youth Symphonic Orchestras