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Thu 21 December 2017
Musical Postcards concert
Zeist (NL) During this concert, students of 'De Vrije Hogeschool' will present their Musical Postcards. Performing ensemble: The Stolz Quartet.
Wed 17 January 2018
Launch of Musical Postcards at Landgoed Zonheuvel
1pm: launch of Musical Postcards collaboration with Stichting SBI/Landgoed Zonheuvel
Västerås ~ Amsterdam

Västerås ~ Amsterdam

20 January 2016

Iyad Alhasan who is 17 years old traveled from Damascus to Sweden to flee the war in Syria. He has seen his dreams shattered, but he does not give up hope to return one day to his homeland Palestine. His words are a poetic rage and were heard by Izak de Dreu. Izak responded with a very gentle composition to comfort Iyad in his situation. This genuine exchange came to live thanks to The Stolz Quartet that performed it on the 20th January of 2016. Look and listen.


“My voice is bleeding, my rhymes are my only way...”

  • speaker
  • Iyad Alhasan

  • Hope
  • composer
  • Izak de Dreu

  • credits
    The Stolz Quartet
  • hobo/ althobo
  • Marieke Schut

  • violin
  • Jellantsje de Vries

  • viola
  • Liesbeth Steffens

  • cello
  • Lidy Blijdorp

  • Thanks to
    Amer Shanati