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Cairo ~ Amsterdam Cairo ~ Amsterdam

Cairo ~ Amsterdam

15 April 2016

Baraa is 16 years old and lives in Cairo, Egypt. She sent a Musical Postcard to the Netherlands and it was picked up by Puck and Jetske in Amsterdam. They liked the lyrical side of Baraa's composition and were inspired to make composition dedicated to Baraa for The Stolz Quartet. Puck who plays the flute joined the quartet for the performance. This musical exchange was brought performed to a live audience by The Stolz Quartet, on the 15th of April, 2016 in the Peace Church in Amsterdam.

Baraa el Bitar

“This is my first composition. So, I am happy to share it with you.”

Words left unspoken
  • speaker
  • Baraa el Bitar

  • For Baraa
  • composer
  • Puck & Jetske

  • credits
    The Stolz Quartet
  • hobo/ althobo
  • Marieke Schut

  • violin
  • Jellantsje de Vries

  • viola
  • Liesbeth Steffens

  • cello
  • Lidy Blijdorp

  • Thanks to
    Dina el Wedidi