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Concepción ~ Zeist

Valiente from Concepción (Chile) submitted a Musical Postcard called 'Eva.' In her song, Valiente thanks the biblical figure Eva for picking the Forbidden Fruit: If life were eternal, living would be nothing. Thanks Eva for eating that fruit, how much pleasure...' Valiente acknowledges the limited time we have as human beings and believes that the limitation of our lifespan makes us enjoy the time we have.
Valientes Musical Postcard was sent to Sander, a student of the Liberation Arts Year at The Vrije Hogeschool in Zeist, The Netherlands. Sander used the Musical Postcard from Valiente as an inspiration to his own composition. His composition is about the Duality of Forces that gain balance thanks to each other. It is a strking hommage to Darkness and Trials. The deep music of Sanders piece resembles the work of the great Tango composer Astor Piazolla, music that celebrates all aspects of life.

Sander Meiberg

“Because it can be very dark outside Paradise, there is also light. Because there is suffering, there is also happiness."

Musical Postcards General Manager Anke Spieringhs on this Musical Postcard Exchange in relation to The Sustainable Development Goals:
'I believe this Musical Postcard Exchange between Valiente and Sander can be related to The Sustainable Development Goals in a number of ways. Firstly, Valiente sings about the pleasure that all mankind can enjoy, thanks to Eva as the biblical figure of the first woman. Secondly, Sanders piece is about Duality, and an hommage to Darkness. WIthout acknowledging and facing Darkness, one can never overcome it. I believe the United Nations have acknowledged the trials we face as humanity, and forged a plan to deal with the issues we face as a Global Community. They've committed themselves to take action on the problems we face, in order to give mankind a dignifying future. In this Musical Postcard, Sander has put the trails we face into music.'
  • composed and performed by:
  • Valiente

  • No Title
  • composed by:
  • Sander Meiberg
  • performed by:
  • Sander Meiberg and The Stolz Quartet

  • credits
    TheStolz Quartet

    thanks to
    Vrije Hogeschool Zeist, and The Stolz Quartet