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Homs ~ Maastricht Homs ~ Maastricht

Homs ~ Maastricht

Musical Postcards connected in 2016 young displaced musicians to students of the Sint Maartenscollege in Maastricht as part of a Hustinx Residency by composer Merlijn Twaalfhoven, called 'Ode to Dignity'. Within this musical residency Merlijn shows how creative music making brings dignity and hope for young people anywhere on this globe, whether that is in Maastricht or in war torn Homs. And that is what is needed in a transforming world; hope and dignity to bring out the best in people.

Khalid al Khatib was 13 years when he recorded his song on violin. He is part of a very musical family and lives currently in a refugee camp near Homs. His message was answered with a composition called 'Hope'.

Yazan Hajjer, who is a very talented bozok player expresses his feelings about Syria in his music and received a musical message back of sad and joyful music. Students from the Conservatory of Maastricht performed both musical responses during a concert on November 2nd. The music from Homs and Maastricht is very moving and beautiful. Have a look here.

Students of Maastricht about their Musical Postcard from Syria

“We pray for them that the situation in Syria will get better soon!"
  • violin
  • Khalid Al Khatib

  • Hope
  • composers
  • Jaimy Caenen, Elma Spons, Levi Banki, Eline Damen, YingQi Hu, Cassey Frijns

  • Untitled
  • bozok
  • Yazan Hajjer

  • Yagoa
  • composers
  • Eva Gruintjes, Laurens Driessen, Joost Verhaegh, Emi Brok, Indy Driessens, Fleur Mertens

  • credits
  • clarinet
  • Sergio Sanchez Martin

  • violin
  • Júlia Conangla Oliveras

  • cello
  • Carla Conangla Oliveras

  • piano
  • Iago Hermo Mártinez

  • guitar
  • Joep van Leeuwen

  • thanks to
    Amer Shanati
    Intro in Situ
    Hustinx Residency
    Sint Maartenscollege (Willie Arets)
    Conservatory of Maastricht