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Jakarta ~ Maastricht Jakarta ~ Maastricht

Jakarta ~ Maastricht

Kevin Sebastian made the song ‘Waste Land’ about the pollution of his home town Jakarta (Indonesia). He predicts his city will be way more polluted with trash. Kevin Sebastian composed an ongoing piece for piano, in which we can hear the craziness of the metropole of Jakarta.

‘Waste Land’ was sent to the Sint-Maartenscollege and the United World College, two high schools in Maastricht (The Netherlands). Four students of the UWC, Beret, Fionn, Yaren and Yusef. They decided to compose about pollution as well. They quoted Kevin Sebastians melody. Listening to their melody, you can experience as if you’re in a boat, feeling the tide, surrounded by trash.

Kevin Sebastian

“My city is kind of crazy, because of all the pollution and the trash."

Waste Land
  • composed and performed by:
  • Kevin Sebastian Tukgali

  • Waste Land, Water Pollution
  • composed by:
  • Beret, Fionn, Yaren and Yusef
  • performed by:
  • members of the South Netherlands Philharmonic

  • credits
    Kevin Sebastian Tukgali and Beret, Fionn, Yaren and Yusef.

    thanks to
    South Netherlands Philharmonic, Sint-Maartenscollege, United World College Maastricht and the supervisors of the Conservatory of Maastricht.