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Lilongwe ~ New York City Lilongwe ~ New York City

Lilongwe ~ New York City

3 April 2016

13 Year old Austin Celestin from New York responded to a Musical Postcard from Joseph Dyson from Lilongwe in Malawi. Joseph wants to encourage people with his song not to get depressed about thinking of tomorrow. "What to wear, what to eat, what to desire? Only God knows". He made this song in prison and wants to continue his music after he finished his sentence. Austin, who plays the piano and trumpet, made a composition that starts from the perspective of a person that lives in a distopian situation. This person tries to change his future and tries once, twice and fails. The third time you hear in the music that this person has reached his goal and that he as able to metamorphose his life.


“This could be a reason for you to change the world and make sure that you and everyone else can get to these resources (clothes, food, dreams) easily.”

What will I eat
  • composer/ singer
  • Joseph Dyson

  • Revelation
  • composer
  • Austin Celestin

  • credits
  • violin
  • Olivia De Prato

  • violin
  • Pauline Kim

  • viola
  • Victor Lowrie

  • cello
  • Mariel Roberts

  • Thanks to
    Young in Prison