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Rio de Janeiro ~ Maastricht Rio de Janeiro ~ Maastricht

Rio de Janeiro ~ Maastricht

21 April 2016

Three boys from Rio de Janeiro rock their instruments. They all are excellent students and next to school they study at the Music Academy of Petrobras Symphony Orchestra in Rio de Janeiro. This is part of their composition they made for Musical Postcards in Maastricht. They worked on the theme of child labor and wanted to share the happiness that music can bring in a child's life. Joy and playfulness is the most valuable treasure of childhood.
The students in Maastricht were inspired by the boys to make a song to send back to them. They took a Dutch childrens standard and worked it out to a moving composition accompanied by visuals they had chosen themselves. They performed their composition "Hope, Shoulders, Knee and Tow" on 21 April in a former NATO Base in the caves of Maastricht, a spectacular place for a concert.

João Portugal

“Music has the capacity to transform you. Because of the happiness music carries inside, it's capable to transform and make children's lives better. So, this is my goal, to bring some music to children all around the world and to people in general.”

  • violinists
  • Sérgio Oliveira, Marcos Vinicius

  • quena (flute)
  • João Portugal

  • Hope, Shoulders, Knee and Tow
  • composers
  • Ian, Noah, Levi, Sarah, Yenti, Zahra

  • credits
  • performers
  • students of Sint-Maartens College, Bonnefanten College, United World College

  • thanks to
    Intro in Situ
    Hustinx Foundation
    Conservatory of Maastricht